Frequently Asked Questions

The Sixth Point is an independent, non-denominational Jewish community in Atlanta for young adults in their 20s and 30s (ish). We have events once or twice a month where you can meet new people and have meaningful Jewish experiences. All of our events have a social aspect to them because we believe that making new friends is a pretty important part of building a genuine community. We also make sure that each of our events has some structure- whether it’s an activity or some other content- so that we can connect socially, culturally, intellectually, or spiritually.

The Star of David has six points, and it’s that sixth one that differentiates it from a regular five-pointed star. So our name is symbolic of that which differentiates us as Jews from other groups of people.

Also, Atlanta already had Five Points…

We noticed that there are a lot of young Jews in Atlanta who are pretty disconnected from the Jewish community. We felt like there was something missing, so we just wanted to help fill in the gaps.

We want to get to know you so that we can understand what is important to you and what you’re all about. The better we know our people, the better we can build this community around our collective wants and needs.

Our age range is roughly mid-20s to early-40s, but we don’t check IDs at the door  While we don’t love the term “young professionals,” we haven’t come up with anything better yet. (Please let us know if you do!) All of our events are geared toward young Jewish adults, regardless of relationship status.

Nope! Anyone who is interested (and respectful) is welcome- no questions asked.

All over the place. Literally. We recognize that Atlanta is very spread out, and so are Atlantans. We do our best to scatter our events around the metro area. While we can’t protect you from the traffic, we’ll try not to make you drive across town every time.

We usually have events once or twice a month- in the evening or on weekends. Check out our online calendar to see what’s coming up next.

The Sixth Point is non-denominational. In other words, we are not affiliated with a movement (i.e. Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, etc.). We’re just Jewish. There’s more than one way to be Jewish, and we certainly aren’t going to tell you how to do it. Our personal traditions and customs vary widely; that’s the beauty of diversity. Many of our events focus on culture and spirituality (and food- we love food!). It’s up to YOU to decide how to weave Judaism into your own life.

Nope! No such thing! The Sixth Point does not have “members” or “dues.” Some of our events are free. For others, there is a small charge to help us offset our costs. If you’re interested in being a part of our community, just join our email list and/or like our page on Facebook!

Good question. During our first two years, we experimented with a few “family-friendly” events, and we learned that families are not our target audience. Our mission is to engage young adults, so we no longer offer events that are appropriate for kids.

"After living in Atlanta for six years, I finally found a Jewish organization that I want to be involved with."

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